Week in Review | 10.30.16

Visiting Hogsmeade in Universal Studios #thelovelygeek


Halloween was low-key but fun, as I blogged about in my recap earlier this week.

Joshua and I left for vacation on Thursday. We headed to Anaheim to celebrate our anniversary in Disneyland, which I will blog about more in detail later this week.

Thursday was our travel day followed by seeing Doctor Strange. Friday we went to Universal Studios (and I got to check out the Morphe Store on our way back to the hotel), and Saturday and Sunday were our days in Disneyland.

Our "OMG we're in the Disney Dream Suite" faces! Great way to end the tour! #disneyland


Work was a little on the slow side for me because not only was I about to leave on vacation but we were waiting for feedback from the clients on the projects I was working on. Instead I busied myself with internal projects such as creating an eblast and corresponding Instagram graphic for when we announce the days we are closed for Thanksgiving.

I did, however, get to present round one of wireframes to a client for a new app project I’m working. But they are also one of those clients we are waiting on for feedback.


Finished up the first full week of NaBloPoMo. Here are the blog posts I wrote in case you missed them:

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