Two Visits

Mercy San Juan Hospital

I came up to my hometown on Thursday, and I was able to get two visits in with Nana. Both visits went really well since she was awake and talkative. Nana knew who I was and we were able to joke around and talk about different things, including how to make a good Cosmo and my upcoming surgery.

Throughout my visits Nana continually told me, “We’re going to get through this” and even said to me she would be dancing at my wedding, which I happened to mention wouldn’t be for another few years. She’s extremely optimistic about her situation, and just that optimism makes visiting her all-the-more easier.

The only part of my visit that was a downer was going to Nana’s house. After my first visit with her on Thursday, my mom and I had to stop by her house to pick up her mail and get a few perishables out of the fridge. Nana’s house felt so dark and empty. It was like someone pressed the pause button on life in her house. At first all I could do was sit in the dark living room and wonder if she would ever come home. Eventually I got up and wondered around reminiscing on childhood memories.

My mood was slightly lifted when I went out to Chili’s with a friend later that evening. It was nice to be able to take my mind off things, especially at my favorite restaurant.

I’ve got a lot coming up in the next couple weeks. Here’s hoping I get through it all.