So Much Going On

Front of Nana's House

As of today, it has been one year since we moved! We moved from a duplex owned by my grandparents in Marin to my deceased grandmother’s home in the Sacramento area. I can’t believe it went from this to this.

I think the best part about our place is that we put a ton of work into it and we’re finished/satisfied. With our old place in Larkspur it felt incomplete. A year later I am happy to be where we are and can’t wait for the day when we can look for a house closer to home to raise a family in.

School Schedule

In other news, Wednesday I registered for summer classes!

Design Layout: Mondays 1-5pm
Advanced Image Manipulation: Mondays 5:30-9:30pm
Introduction to Photography: Thursdays 1-5pm
Visual Language & Culture: Thursdays 5:30-9:30pm

I’m pretty happy, mainly because I only have to go to school twice a week. I’m hoping this will open up some time to get other web projects, wedding stuff, etc. done. I’m excited, especially for my photography class. ????

Grandma and Grandpa In-And-Out of the Hospital

This weekend I was going to help my friend Debbie move, go to sushi, try on wedding dresses with my sis/bridesmaids, go to service with family, and catch up with homework. Instead, my sis and I are heading to the Bay Area to relieve my mom while we watch my grandpa.

My mom came home last Saturday for the first time after being in the Bay Area for about two weeks. She had been helping my grandparents as my grandpa was recovering from his minor heart attack; my grandma can’t drive so my mom was responsible for taking them to doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, etc. until my grandpa could gain his strength back.

My mom was preparing to go back down on Monday when Sunday night she received a phone call from the neighbor saying my GRANDMA was taken to the hospital. ????

Apparently she went downstairs for God knows what and fell down thus breaking her hip. Because she was in the hospital there was no one home to take care of my grandpa, who couldn’t do a whole lot due to his weakened condition. My mom had to rush down late Sunday night so she could be there for him.

My grandma had to go in for hip surgery this week and once she is recovered from that she is going into a temporary nursing home for physical therapy. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but we’re going to have to get a nurse or someone hired to take care of my grandparents. No one is in the position to come live with them, nor are they anywhere near ready to sell their house so they can afford to go into a nursing home. I’m at least trying to get internet set-up at their house, so I can come down more and still get my stuff done.

It’s a tough situation, and hopefully we’re gonna get through it.