Shopping in the City

eames chairs

Over the weekend, my sister and I made a trip to the bay area to visit our grandpa. While we were there, we spent all of Saturday in “the city” AKA San Francisco.

The first place we stopped was at Room & Board. I wanted to try out some Eames chairs as I’m considering getting one to go with my new desk (my current chair is way too big).

At Room & Board

I decided on one, but I am going to wait until November when they supposedly have their Herman-Miller sale and everything will be 15% off. Hopefully by then it will be a housewarming gift to myself. 😉

After Room & Board we did some major shopping downtown, and then the next day as we were on our way home we stopped downtown again at the Jonathan Adler store. I’ve never been in his store before, having only seen his stuff online. Everything was super cute, and I came home with a bulb vase to go on top of my new buffet.

In other news, we’re still waiting on the status of new-house-stuff. We’re hoping to be able to start looking at houses next weekend with our real estate agent. We shall see!