Our Second Round of Financial Peace

dave ramsey financial peace university

Tonight Joshua and I finished up our second round of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Only this time we weren’t students – we were small group leaders.

We started Financial Peace University in February with the intention of being smarter and more responsible with our money. We came into the class with debt that consisted of credit cards, furniture payments, and a car lease.

During the โ€œDumping Debtโ€ lesson and after doing our first budget, we came to the hard realization that there was no way we could afford going on our upcoming cruise, one that we signed up to go on with Joshua’s family before we started Financial Peace (thinking we could afford it).

We canceled our cruise and put our refund towards our debt. Between giving up our cruise, selling a LOT of things, and doing Daveโ€™s plan we were able to become debt free in 8 months. We cut up our cards and are never going back to borrowing money.

Our next step was The Legacy Journey, which we started in September and just finished a couple of weeks ago. Our small group leader from our FPU class who also happens to be head of the finance ministry and leader for our Legacy Journey class was so impressed with us that he invited Joshua and I to become small group leaders for the next round of FPU.

Our @daveramsey FPU graduation cake! What a wonderful experience to be a coordinator! #FinancialPeace

We went from taking the class to leading, and it has been an awesome journey. The next round starts up in February, and we’re looking forward to leading again.