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christmas 2011

Merry Belated Christmas!

This year’s Christmas was very different for the hubby and I. Last year my in-laws decided they wanted to take the whole family to Disneyland the week of Christmas, so that’s where I was this past week.

Family Dinner at Bucca di Beppo

First ride of the day!

Merry Christmas!

My other set of in-laws came down to Southern California on the 23rd, so once we were done in Disneyland we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with them and the rest of the family. Then last night Joshua and I celebrated Christmas with my family.

Our view of the harbor at dinner

Ice skating with the Robinson couples

Because we weren’t around for Christmas, I set up the tree (the day before Thanksgiving) in the dining room, hung our stockings and that was it as far as decorating. Next year I want to be able to switch out those two big prints for some nice Christmas prints. Ran out of time to print my Christmas ones this year.

2011 Christmas Set-up

I did manage to make a spot for all the wonderful Christmas cards I got this year.

2011 Christmas Cards

And now that all the Christmases are over, I can finally share my loot! Woo!

Christmas Haul 2011

  • 2 bottles of Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa “Shea It Isn’t So” foot creme plus a pair of Gel Socks
  • Memory Foam Bath Mat
  • 8 tubes total of Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm
  • Old Navy Wool-Blend Toggle Coat
  • Old Navy Cozy Socks
  • $220 gift card to Hoshall’s Salon & Spa
  • Goodnight iPad book
  • Barbie Calendar
  • $250 credit towards a stay at the Black Bear Inn Bed & Breakfast in South Lake Tahoe
  • The annual family vacation announcement: camping on the Channel Islands
  • $30 in iTunes gift cards
  • 2 movie passes
  • $25 DSW gift card
  • Darth Vader plush
  • Mercedes-Benz ornament
  • Whitman’s Sampler
  • Santa Spatula
  • Bird Feeder
  • Yoda Nutcracker
  • Every Keroppi item from Target’s $1 section
  • Cuisinart Dual Climate Wine Cooler

Here’s our lovely new wine cooler from my parents and grandpa all set up in the kitchen.

Dual Climate Wine Cooler

I’m not sure if I’m still going to keep it there or not. We’ll see how I feel about it once I get used to it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year. I’m looking forward to Saturday where we’ll be having a New Year’s Eve LAN Party!

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