Photography Final

gd1125 photography portfolio In My Introduction to Photography class not only did I learn how to use my camera in manual mode (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, I know what that stuff is now!), but I also learned to make better compositions. We used the book Composition Photo Workshop which was super helpful for a beginner like me. The readings we did each week corresponded to the exercises we’d do either in class or for homework.

All the images we took for this class had to be taken in manual mode with ISO at 400 and the appropriate white balance adjustment. We weren’t allowed to edit our photos at all in Photoshop, which I could tell was tough for a couple students. I felt it was really good practice, especially since I learned how to meter photos to get the right exposure.

For our final project we had to compile our images into a portfolio. We had to include our best image from each exercise we did, 8-10 of our 24 images taken for the narrative, and a career concept piece.

I also included a little video I made of my “Day in the Life of Darth Vader” narrative. I only got to showcase 8 of the 24 images I took, so I felt it’d be a nice treat for my teacher.