Our Four Day Weekend

4th of July BBQ

We had a lot going on these past four days! First off, we celebrated Independence Day at my in-laws with a barbecue where we were able to watch the county fireworks from their front yard.

Earlier in the day we hit a milestone with the Benz in which we were able to start it, and it was able to move under its own power.

We weren’t able to take it for a test drive yet because supposedly Joshua didn’t have the right throttle linkage, something he wouldn’t have a chance to get until Saturday morning. Late Friday night, Joshua realized he did have the right linkage (it was bent), so were finally able to take it for its first run in five years.

We're test driving the Benz! Woo hoo!!

At 11:30pm we took the Benz down the street a few times for a test drive. A few adjustments still need to be made and the tires need to be aligned, but other than that it worked perfectly.

Saturday evening we had our Summer LAN Party. It was the second LAN party we’ve had in our new house, and it went just as well if not better than the first one.

The gamers. #lanparty

Playing Cards Against Humanity #lanparty

All the gamers were in the entertainment room while those of us non-gamers hung out playing Cards Against Humanity, which is basically the PG-13/R-rated version of Apples to Apples. We had all of our usual snacks along with barbecue hot dogs.

We had a little scare when the cops showed up for a noise complaint, but it turns out they got the wrong address. Apparently there was another super rowdy party down the street from us, and the cops thought it was us just because there were a bunch of cars parked in our driveway.

Aside from that, we had a great party. Most of the guests spent the night and left around 4:30pm the next day. Then Joshua, Dani, and I went over to my parent’s house for dinner and to break in the pool.

sisters poolside

This morning Joshua took the Benz on REAL drive (not around the block) to work so he could align the tires and fix any bugs he encountered along the way.

If all goes well this week we just might be taking it up to Washington for our annual family vacation. Here’s hoping!