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Welcome new readers and readers from Lovely Interiors to my new site at!

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The last week of January I was sick with a nasty cold, so I was unable to complete the last several tasks for the January Cure. Still, I was able to have a small get together with my parents and Joshua’s parents to celebrate our birthdays, so overall January ended and February started on a good note.

My 27th birthday was on Friday, and I was able to take the day off. I started the day with a facial at my favorite spa followed by lunch and shopping with my mom. We went shopping at the Roseville Galleria, and I got a free birthday froyo at the new Pinkberry!

New Pinkberry at Roseville Galleria

In the evening, Joshua took me to The Melting Pot for dinner.

#fonduefortwo #birthday

Awww yay! #birthday

He surprised me with the birthday package plus he got me The Silmarillion and The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug special edition soundtrack. Overall it was a very nice birthday!

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Congrats on the move and the new website. 🙂 I look forward to see what you do with it!

I am happy that you had a great birthday. I love that everyone made it so special for you. I love froyo places because unlimited cookie dough!!! Hahaha, I’ve been to tutti frutti and menchies, but I’ve never been to pinkberry. I’ll have to find one when I am in the states one day.

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