My First Short Film


For my Intro to Video Production class I took last quarter my final project was to write and direct a short film 5-8 minutes in length. My sister is very active in theatre at school, so I asked her and a couple of her drama buddies to star in my film. The film is called Bullycide and basically takes you through the day of a hefty teenage girl being bullied because of her weight. She also discovers hateful things being said about her on the internet. This leads her to contemplate suicide by attempting to jump off the Golden Gate bridge.

mm1134 process book The inspiration for this film first and foremost came from a photo-shoot my friend did of the Golden Gate bridge in which he captured pictures of the suicide hot-lines scattered across the bridge. I also remember in my public speaking class one of my classmates doing a speech about suicide on the bridge and how they want to implement a suicide net. I also took inspiration from my own personal life being a fat girl bullied in high school.

We also had to put together a process book which contained our storyboards, scripts, shooting schedule, release forms, etc. and turn it in with our film.

My teacher has the final process book which contains the actual storyboard sketches and all the release forms signed, so if you download my book you’ll see the templates.

Here’s the trailer I put together with only the ending footage.

And here’s the bloopers reel, because when you’re working with teenagers, there will be bloopers.