Mr. Big the Dachshund

Mr. Big the Dachshund

As an anniversary gift, Joshua granted me my wish of finally getting a dachshund puppy. On our way home from Disneyland I hopped on Craigslist and made the arrangements to meet and possibly get our puppy.

Monday evening Joshua and I drove out to the home of a family whose two dachshunds produced their very first litter. There were five boys total and a little over six weeks old. I picked out my puppy (or more he picked me) and within 45 minutes I became the proud owner of a baby wiener dog!

Big and his daddy

Big as an iPad

Mr. Big in his crate

Mr. Big's Pen

Big and I

Mr. Big (or Big) spent his first night in his crate and then went to work with me today. He’s doing great so far, just very sleepy!


Aw! 6 weeks old?! I bet it was hard to take him away from his mommy. But at least you and Joshua will be great parents to him. How are Tucker and the kitties taking it?! Have they been introduced yet?

Overall Tucker and the kitties like him! Tucker loves him but gets a little nervous because of how small Big is compared to him. Izzie isn’t afraid of him, but Bella is keeping her distance for now; with the cats it will just take time, like it did when I first brought Tucker home.

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