Maternity Monday: 19-20 Weeks

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AKA the size of a banana!

Today’s the big day! By the time you finish reading this post we’ll have found out the gender of our baby! Then we will reveal to everyone else at our Gender Reveal Party at the end of the month! YAY SO EXCITED!


This past week my sleep started to get much better by switching up my pillow. That and Breathe Right Lavender Nasal Strips have helped a ton. I got some really good sleep this week, thank goodness!

Been starting to get some heartburn here and there but not too much. I’ve had the occasional shortness of breath, I’m running to the bathroom all the time, and I’ve had some backache that has been reduced thanks to weekly chiropractor visits. Otherwise, I’m feeling pretty good.

I’ve been feeling a ton of movement internally. It’s so wild! There’s no kicking yet that I can feel externally, but I’m definitely feeling movement!


I have a nice little pile of clothing that no longer fits me sitting in my office closet. My wardrobe now consists of maternity clothes and anything extra baggy. I guess that’s the nice part about always having a stomach that looks preggers because your wardrobe is ready. The difference is I don’t have to suck my stomach in! 🤣

I did get some super cute clothes from Stitch Fix last week, so I’ll share that in a separate blog post later this week.


Joshua and I decided we’re going to take a small Babymoon to Las Vegas in September. A babymoon is a trip parents take before their baby arrives, as sort of a last trip where it’s just the two of them. Originally we wanted to do Hawaii, but time and budget wouldn’t allow so we are doing two days in Vegas. We’ve both never been, so it’ll be fun for us. Neither one of us gamble, but the beauty of Vegas is that there is still so much to do and see. We’re really excited!

Now that we know the gender of the baby, I feel like I can finally move forward with decorating the nursery. Up next will be getting the furniture painted and arranged. Then it’s buying all the things! I am obsessed with Target’s Cloud Island line – everything is SO CUTE!