Maternity Monday: 15-16 Weeks

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AKA the size of an avocado  #16weeks #babybump #rainbowbaby #secondtrimester


Mostly tired, but otherwise feeling like myself. Had one or two mornings where I had a little nausea, but aside from that nothing out of the ordinary. Still coughing despite take allergy meds, so I’ve got an appointment scheduled with my primary doctor this week just to see what’s up.

Aside from that, I think I’m starting to feel some flutters! It’s apparently normal to start feeling little flutters here and there at this stage of the game, and I’m pretty sure I’m feeling some movement. I’d had my share of round ligament pain, but this definitely feels different. It’s still so surreal that I’m growing a tiny human!


Diet has also somewhat gotten back to normal with the exception of finishing up my Chef Boyardee and crackers. Craved some random things such as Twizzlers and continued to enjoy my pickles! Happy to report that I got back into meal planning so I was able to have some healthy meals last week.


As the bump becomes more prominent I am reaching the point where my current wardrobe isn’t cutting it anymore. Luckily I have a Maternity Stitch Fix coming my way this month, but I am starting to create a pile of pre-maternity clothes that no longer fit.


Been thinking a lot about what I envision life looking like post-maternity leave and after talking through it with my business coach, I’m putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself right now. I had some really good talks with her this week, and my homework for the next month is to sit down and come up with a couple of scenarios to present to my boss and go from there.