Lily Mae: Two Months

5 weeks

5 weeks 3 days

5 weeks 4 days

My little rainbow baby

Got her napping in her crib!

Handmaid Baby whoops

Milk coma on Daddy's shoulder

Sneak peek from our family photoshoot

Sneak peek from our family photoshoot

Posing with the babe and our matching shirts

And just like that, another month has flown by. It’s gone by so fast, and already so many things have happened. I think the biggest accomplishment by far is Lily is sleeping through the night! That’s right, we’re talking 8 hours of sleep! Occasionally she’ll wake up for an early morning feeding anywhere from 2:30 AM to 4:00 AM, but those nights are becoming few and far between.

With her sleeping longer it means she is awake more during the day, so it’s harder for me to get her down for a nap. Sometimes I’ll get her down for one in the afternoon which will be just enough time to have lunch. Otherwise, I’m pretty much occupied with her all day long. I get the most done when Joshua gets home and is able to hang with her.

One way I do get some computer time (still very minimal) is I have her in the DockATot on my desk and have a YouTube video going of an aquarium (thanks to my sis for this idea). When she’s lying here with her blanket she is such a happy baby!

Enjoying some underwater YouTube videos

Her feeding has kicked up a notch! She went from 2-4 ounces per feeding to 5-8 ounces. There are bottles 🍼 everywhere! She’s growing so much! She’s already towards the end of her 0-3 month clothes and getting into the smaller 3-6 month stuff. She even moved up to the next size in her SNOO sack!

As each day goes by we’re getting more smiles and giggles. She thinks it’s particularly funny when I change her which is a big difference from when she was born. I love her laugh and smiles. I can’t get enough of them in addition to her variety of coos and grunts as she discovers her voice.


Motherhood has been so fulfilling for me. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gone through quite the journey to get to her or it’s because I’ve always wanted to be a mom, but I am loving every moment I have with her. I’m really happy, and apparently it shows.

Lily on the Road

Joshua took another portion of his paternity leave so we got to have two weeks together, one of which was spent with family for our annual family vacation. Lily had her first major road trip in which we drove from California to Washington. She was amazing! She basically slept the whole time and only woke up when hungry or had hiccups.

Snoozing on the road

We changed her at every stop we made, and we noticed a lot of places you’d think would have changing tables (e.g. Starbucks and Chipotle) didn’t; instead we had to make do by using the DockATot + peekaboo pads in the back seat.

Changing Lily in the DockATot

Our car was packed with stuff for her, and I now realize why new parents will buy a minivan. 🤣 We were gone for a little over a week, so I used my smaller carry-on suitcase for all her clothes, burp cloths, etc. plus we brought the SNOO, the Pack ‘n Play, and all her bottle stuff. We used it all though, so no regrets!

What I’m Loving

Hatch Baby Grow – This changing pad doubles as a scale, so it’s allowed us to keep track of her weight in between doctor visits. More importantly, the app that comes with it allows us to track diapers, feedings, and pumping. Joshua and I share the app so we’re able to keep track of everything. It’s so handy!

peekaboo pads – We got these for her changing pad and they’re so nice because she has a tendency to do a little encore pee after we’ve wiped her. These pads prevent anything from running down her back while changing her and absorb quickly. They’re also great for the diaper bag!

Dr. Brown’s Bottles – Through various welcome kits, we’ve had an assortment of bottles that we’ve been able to test out with Lily, and out of all of them we’ve been really happy with the ones by Dr. Brown. They come with a venting system which is fantastic for preventing gas bubbles and spitting up.

This diaper bag – Joshua doesn’t care for how feminine it looks 😜 but I love it! This diaper backpack fits everything we need and sits underneath our stroller when we’re out and about. It’s simple but it works!