Lily Mae: Seven Months

Seven months AKA the month we were quarantined but to her it’s just like any other month. πŸ˜‚ No seriously, we’re quarantine rockstars because going anywhere with a baby is a huge thing, so I’ve embraced that delivery/order online life hardcore. Plus, I’m busy taking care of her and working on my business, so being told I can’t go anywhere is actually kinda nice. The only bummer is that we were planning on going to Disneyland next month for Dapper Day, but considering the state of the world we’re going to hold off until November.

She experienced her first trip to Palm Springs (outside the womb) at the beginning of the month and had a great time spending the week with Daddy while Mommy got to learn. We stayed at a cute little Airbnb so that way we could be comfortable and save some money. Plus we were able to bring all her stuff including the SlumberPod.

No crawling and no additional rolling over yet. We do tummy time everyday multiple times a day, so she is practicing. She just wants to do all the things and is frustrated she can’t do them all yet. One new thing she is doing is sitting up on her own. I’ll set her on her playmat or in her pack ‘n play, and she’ll sit there and play with her toys. I set up the Boppy behind her just in case she does fall over, but she’s learned to scoot herself around when that happens. Such a smart little girl! She’s also started reaching for mommy and daddy, especially when she is sitting in her seats. She’ll reach up to be held, and I gotta say it’s just the sweetest thing!


Lily’s been working on solids for a couple months already, having them in the evening before her bath time. Now we’ve been giving her solids three times a day and trying to cut back on the bottle feeds. I’ve introduced little Puffs and teething wafers and she seems to like eat those as well. I’ve also made berry popsicles which she LOVES!

Her doctor suggested baby led weaning, so I’m going to try experimenting with that in the coming months to see how she likes the different foods. Considering how well she gravitates towards the popsicles and wafers I think she’ll go for it. We shall see!


I don’t know if it’s because we were on vacation at the beginning of the month or it’s what comes with being this age, but sleep has been a little rough. She’s been scooting a lot more in her crib at night causing her to wake up because she’s crammed up against the crib rails. She usually rolls her ahead to sooth herself to sleep, but it’s a little difficult to do that when her head is bumping the rails. Overall, she is still sleeping through the night and she is learning how to sooth herself when she scoots too much. It’s all part of the process!

As for naps, she pretty much takes short naps in the morning followed by longer naps in the afternoon. I’ve had several days where she only sleeps 30 mins at a time, which makes it tough to get any work done. It’s situations like those that make me grateful that I run my own business so I can have more flexible hours.

Things I’m Loving

Nanit Sleep Schedule Generator – I’ve been using this as my guide for a routine with Lily. You choose the age your baby is, use the slider to choose their wake-up time, and it generates a whole schedule. While I don’t follow it 100% because every baby is different, it serves as a nice guide for what should be happening.

Hello Bello Diapers – When everyone started panic-buying at the beginning of the month, diapers and wipes were hard to come by. My usual places were wiped out or delayed, and for someone who is just trying to live their life and not worry it was becoming frustrating. Joshua’s cousin reminded me of Hello Bello, an online diaper delivery service (created by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard). When I went to their site, their banner at the top read, “Don’t worry! We have PLENTY of diapers.” I set up my account, picked out my diapers, and they shipped right away. They arrive today, so I’ll keep you posted on how I like them.


So many exciting things!! Always love your updates. If you ever want to talk baby-led weaning, I’ll be your girl. πŸ˜‰ I once had a class of 8 babies all doing baby-led weaning at the same time! It was amazing, and I think I learned just as much as they did!

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