Lily Mae: One Year

Today’s the day. My baby girl is ONE. I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by! It doesn’t feel like a year has gone by. I feel like I JUST had her. I remember where I was so clearly one year ago, and now being here a year later feels just as surreal as the day she arrived.

What’s New

So many things have happened in this past month alone. She can now pull herself up to standing and has slowly started cruising. She’s not walking yet, but she’s a speedy little crawler. It’s adorable when she plays “chase me” because she crawls away giggling.

She’s talking a lot more, even if it’s baby babble, but still manages to get a few words and phrases out. In the last couple of days, she’s started saying, “Hello! Hello!”

She’s starting to understand the word “no” as she explores her surroundings. She’s so observant and it’s really neat to watch this little human grow and start to comprehend things. I love watching her learn and explore!

She loves pointing to the pictures of mommy and daddy whenever we go up and down the stairs, and she knows who is who. I have one collage of photos from last year that consists of her ultrasound photos, and she always loves to point to her 3-D photo.

We’ve been baby proofing a lot more around the house, especially in the office room since that where she hangs out the most. I plan on doing a separate post on it. 😉

We’ve settled into such a good routine, and I’ve become a naptime warrior. My whole business revolves around her nap schedule, so when she is asleep I am working! But when she is awake we have plenty of playtime! 

We retired the Boppy pillow, which feels like the last of the things that remind me of her newborn days. Not gonna lie, I miss the newborn phase so much. It’s crazy to think that now my baby is considered a toddler!

On Being a Mom

What a wild ride it has been! It’s hard to imagine life before her. Being a mom changes you, and I’m definitely not the same person I was a year ago. Lily comes first which means priorities are much different. I’ve also come to really value those that genuinely want to connect with and support me through this journey.

I’m fiercely protective of the influences I want Lily to have in her life, and I think that’s made me a braver person. She’s taught me how to set real boundaries, to show up, to play, and to be the person I want to be for her.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.


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