Lily Mae: Four Months

Lily Mae: Four Months

Baby + Weenie

Watching the Thanksgiving Day parade

Thanksgiving with my little turkey

Making cookies

Christmas Baby

Seeing Santa Clause

Happy Birthday, Auntie Dani!

Taking selfies

Auntie Dani rocking the ErgoBaby

Cousin time

Dani’s birthday at Henry’s

Selfie time!

Practicing tummy time

Daddy & Lily

My Christmas baby is four months today! Hands down the best present ever. It’s been so special spending the holidays with Lily. We made the rounds at Thanksgiving and got to see family. She got to see Santa when he came through our neighborhood and also helped me decorate the tree and go Christmas shopping. We’re celebrating her first Christmas with our Washington family.

We finally got her on a more consistent bedtime routine. In the first month following her birth she pretty much slept all the time, so we just rolled with it. Soon after we were getting her to bed around the same time we were, but that was proving to be bad for all parties involved. Hey, we’re still new at this whole parenting thing! Now we’ve got her on the bath, bottle, book (sometimes), bed routine starting at 6pm. When all is said in done she’s asleep between 7pm and 8pm, and she won’t wake up until around 5:30am-6:30am. Now that her routine is nailed down we’re going to be spending the next month weaning her off the SNOO.

Every day that goes by her personality comes to light. It’s amazing to see her grow and grow she is! She’s now in size 3 diapers and wearing 6-9 month clothing. She’s our little chunky monkey! She is also teething, so she is drool-central. She’s handling it like a champ though.

I’m so happy to be spending today with my little miracle babe. A year ago I revealed to family that I was pregnant and now I’ve got her in my arms. So very blessed this Christmas. ❤️