Lily Mae: Eight Months

Lily is too cool

Lily on her walk


Lily and Mommy in the egg chair

Lily exploring new foods

Lily with her Easter haul

Lily in her Easter dress

Lily hanging with Daddy

Lily and Mr. Big in the egg chair

Another month of quarantine with this little chunk! It’s crazy to think that we’re living through a time that we’ll never forget but Lily will never remember. All she knows in the present moment is that she is spending a lot of time with Mommy and Daddy. She’s been on more FaceTime/Zoom calls than riding in the car.

I’ve just about boxed up all of her 6-9 month clothing, and even some of the 12-month jammies she got for Easter are already too tight! In fact, her Easter dress was 18 months! Girlfriend is growing so much, and I feel like I say that with every post. She’s basically 4+ months ahead in clothing sizes now.

Speaking of things she no longer fits in – she’s too big for her baby tub, so she is now sitting upright in the bathtub. We put her lotus in there so she has something comfy to sit on and even lay back on if she wants to. She loves her bathtime, especially since we’re introducing more toys for her to play with!

She’s eating solids three times a day now in addition to three bottles. I mainly give her baby food from Little Spoon, but I supplement with other foods like snack puffs, eggs, fruits, and veggies. I love watching her eat and exploring her taste buds!

Teething has kicked up a notch to the point where I had to get some baby pain meds to help. I normally give her just teething oil, but she had a rough couple of nights where she needed something more. Once I gave her the pain meds she slept a LOT better. Even her naps got better too!

I’ve started putting all her toys in baskets, and it’s so fun to watch her take them out one-by-one and how she processes each choice. She’s learning more emotions and is now expressing frustration when something is taken away from her or when one of us walks away.

Things she likes: labels, all of her toys, pulling Mommy and Daddy’s glasses off their faces, eating solids, all the animals, stroller rides, tummy time, bath time, napping on Daddy, and chewing on all the things she can grab.

Dislikes: being tired (just like her mommy 😂 ), not being able to crawl (she’s SO close though), teething, and getting dressed in tight-fitting clothes.


Hello Bello Diapers – I just started trying these out last month, and so far I’m a big fan. I’m especially impressed with their night time diapers as they seem to do a much better job preventing leaks and don’t feel super heavy when full.

Little Spoon – Fresh organic baby food delivered to my door! Every two weeks I get a delivery of baby food custom-tailored to Lily’s age. She’s tried all kinds of foods this way and is loving them all! Considering going to the store is such a pain right now and certain foods are scarce this has become quite handy.