Lily Mae: 14 Months

This month Lily has been cruising non-stop. She hasn’t started walking/standing entirely without support yet, but she is practicing on her own. Almost daily I catch her leaning against furniture without holding onto anything and trying to gain her balance. She’s also figured out how to climb the stairs and reach for door handles.

Her vocabulary keeps on growing. She’s been saying “buh bye… see you later” while waving and understands the difference between that and hi/hello. It’s like she is in that phase of learning a foreign language where she understands things better than she can speak. I’ll ask her certain questions like, “Where’s Yoda?” And she’ll immediately start looking for one of her stuffed Yodas.

She’s definitely a toddler because we’ve begun the tantrum/screaming phase. We call her our little pterodactyl because of the ear-piercing screams she lets out when she is unhappy. 😂 

I know I say this almost every month, but I love watching her grow and explore the world. She’s learning so much, and I’m so happy I get to be there for it all!

Favorites This Month

Goodnight iPad and This Little Dreamer – These are the two books we’ve been reading every day before nap time. Highly recommend both!

Happy Baby Organic Baby Food – While we continue to expose Lily to many different foods (she’s currently a big fan of scrambled eggs) we still love using Happy Baby for snacks. I buy the pouches in bulk on Amazon, and they’re great to have on hand especially in the diaper bag when we’re out and about. She’s also getting better about being able to feed herself when I give her one without making a mess.