Lily Mae: 13 Months

Last month she was busy pulling herself up to standing and this month it’s been all about cruising (walking while holding onto furniture/structures for support). I don’t put her in any kind of containers, so she is free to move around and get comfortable with standing/walking/falling all on her own.

Her vocabulary is expanding every day. She loves greeting us by saying, “Hi! Hi! Hi!” She knows Yoda and calls him Yodo. She gets all happy when I sing the ABCs to her, and she’s been trying to sing it back. 

She points to EVERYTHING, so we’re always naming whatever we point to. Every morning when she wakes up she’ll point to her BFF: her books. That girl can’t get enough of her books and even throws little tantrums when it’s time for bed because she just wants to read. Right now she is obsessed with My Magical Mermaid.

It’s weird she is considered a toddler now that she is one. She’s still my baby though. 😉 I’m one happy mama because she’s been starting to be a lot more affectionate. I think that’s a big reason I miss the newborn phase is because it’s all snuggles and cuddles. 

She’s been independent for awhile, mainly because she’s so busy exploring the world around her. Now, her personality is really developing and she knows who her people are. She gives us hugs, kisses, and snuggles, and knows that Mama and Dada are her safety net. I love it so much.

Favorites of the Month

Indestructibles Baby Books – Lily LOVES her books, but unfortunately she loves chewing on them. She’s damaged several books already, and she can’t be left unattended with them. Recently my sister and I hit up a local children’s boutique, and they had this line of Indestructibles Baby Books. They’re chew-proof, rip-proof, and drool-proof, and they’re made with non-toxic materials. Lily loves them, and the best part is she can’t ruin them!

The Manhattan Toy Company Musical Llama Wooden Instrument – Lily got a lot of toys for her birthday, but her favorite at the moment is this adorable wooden llama wooden instrument. She particularly loves taking the mallets out and banging them on everything or putting them in her mouth like little cake pops. 😂