Lily Mae: 11 Months

Lily is on the move! It’s official: she’s crawling! Lily kicked off the month of July going from rolling to crawling. It was so special to witness it firsthand, and it just reaffirmed why I’m doing what I’m doing to be home with her.

Since she is on the go nonstop, we’re gradually baby-proofing around the house. So far we’ve had to put these heavy-duty outlet covers on outlets that are in use, like the salt lamp in her room, and I have a baby gate that goes up when she’s in the office room with me. We’re just baby proofing as we go, seeing what she gravitates towards and adjusting from there.

I know eventually I’m going to have to get some stuff for the drawers because she loves opening them. She especially loves the kitchen drawers because they all have lights in them that turn on when opened. It’s so fun to watch her explore.

In addition to crawling, she’s already working on standing. A few days after she started crawling I witnessed her trying to prop herself up on her knees and eventually lift her feet. She loves practicing with us, and I have a feeling that she’ll be doing it all on her own in the coming weeks.

We’re on a pretty solid schedule these days, but her morning naps are still hit and miss. I find myself getting my work done in the afternoon while she takes her big long nap, which is hard because I tend to be productive/alert the most in the mornings. Now that my sister is all moved into her new places we’ve been coming down and going for walks around Sacramento which has been a great way to get out of the house. I’m really happy that her auntie is nearby. 🥰

I can’t believe the next post I’ll write will be her one year! 😭 It doesn’t feel like a year has gone by – I feel like I just had her. Soon she’ll go from baby to toddler!

Things We’re Loving

Mini Play Mat – This silicone mat has been a great way to give Lily a variety of finger foods to try. It sticks to the highchair, so I don’t have to worry about her flipping her food. 😂 Some of her favorites: strawberries, avocado, eggs, cheese, beans, and peas.

Alvantor Padded Playpen – We got this for Christmas and now we’re getting plenty of use since Lily is more mobile. She’s too big for her pack-n-play, so we have this setup in our front room as a safe place to put her when I’m busy doing stuff downstairs. It’s nice and big so she has plenty of room to crawl around. It also works for when we’re out on the patio.