Our Legacy Journey

Dave Ramsey's Legacy Journey

Last night Joshua and I finished The Legacy Journey, a seven-week class that picks up where Financial Peace University leaves off and focuses on baby steps four through seven.

Seven weeks later we did it! What an awesome and humbling experience! #DaveRamsey #LegacyJourney

Not only does the class focus on the remaining baby steps, but it also talks about creating a Legacy Box – a box that has all your important documents with instructions, passwords, etc. should something happen to you and/or your spouse.

Legacy Box

By the end of the class we’ve been able to get our Legacy Box about 95% done. Our goal by the end of the year is to get it 100% done including having a will in place. One of the big things we’ve learned is everyone needs a will because having a plan says, “I love you.” Sure it’s a little awkward to ask close friends and family, “Hey! If something happens to me, what do you want of mine?” But you can never be too prepared.

It’s been a humbling experience to sit down and think about all the details of who should stuff go to, how we want to be remembered, etc. should anything happen to us. The thing is at any given moment something could happen to myself or Joshua or both, so it’s important to be ready no matter what. Plus watching what my parents have had to go through in the past six years between the death of my two grandmothers and the deterioration of my grandpa has motivated me even more to get everything organized and in place.

The other big thing we’ve taken away from this class is how to manage wealth (biblically) and be a generous giver. Even though we aren’t at Baby Step 7 (build wealth and give) yet, it’s exciting to know we’ll be there soon and motivates us to keep going.

My grandparents worked hard their whole life to build wealth so their future generations could be better off. Before this class (and even before FPU), I didn’t think I would be able to carry on their legacy; I thought the buck stopped at me. Now that we’re on a plan, I’m excited for the future and the legacy we’ll be building. As Joshua put it at the end of our class night, “Let’s change what the name Robinson means.”

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Tears….joy…..grateful heart! Praising God because your faithfulness!
What a beautiful journey you two are on! Thank you for inspiring all of us!

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