Happy Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving!

Had such a fun Thanksgiving! Dani spent the night at our house so we all went up to the Mora’s (Joshua’s adopted family) for their annual Thanksgiving Day Tomato Bowl – aka playing football on their farm in the mud and tomatoes.

Joshua & I

Tomato Bowl Football

Tomato Bowl Football

The turn out wasn’t as big as its normally been due to changes in peoples Thanksgiving plans this year. Still we had tons of fun with everyone there. Chris took a liking to my camera so he was responsible for all the pictures I uploaded. I spent most of my time holding baby Renee as much as possible; she was a bit fussy due to getting over the cold. At one point Dani and I joined the younger girls to play Barbies for a bit.

Me with Renee

Our first Thanksgiving dinner commenced at 2:30pm and was deee-lish! We had homemade rolls, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and veggies. So good! An hour later we left for my uncle’s house for Thanksgiving dinner #2.

Thanksgiving Dinner #1

Tomorrow my sis and I venture to the Bay Area to be with my grandparents for the weekend. They’ve gotten to the point now where the 2hr drive is just too much for them so all we can do is spend time with them at their house. I much prefer visiting with my grandparents instead of dealing with crazy Black Friday shoppers anyway! ????