Fundamentals of Design Projects

Fundamentals of Design Projects

For my Fundamentals of Design class I had three final projects due: Gestalt, Point, Line & Plane, and Interval.

The first one, the Gestalt project involved us learning what the principles are and then finding several examples of those principles in different magazines. We eventually had to narrow them down to a specific theme focusing on a specific Gestalt while at the same time making sure we had an image representing each principle.


Overall theme was comfort foods/dessert with Isomorphic Correspondence being my main Gestalt. Starting from the top left and going down these were the 7 different principles.

  1. Closure
  2. Isomorphic Correspondence
  3. Proximity
  4. Continuation
  5. Figure Ground
  6. Similarity
  7. Equilibrium

Our second project, called Point, Line & Plane had us doing a photoshoot of buildings we found interesting and focusing on the parts of the building that made it interesting. We then did traces of the buildings using points, lines, and planes to emphasize direction.

Point Line & Plane Project

We started with three buildings and eventually narrowed it down to one. I did my photoshoot from the Ferry Building in San Francisco, so that’s where my final image is from. The top image is the original.

Our last project, called Interval, was combination of organic and inorganic patterns. I liked to think of it as designing linoleum floor tiles, since that’s what most of the final designs reminded me of.

Interval Project

The top is a combo of inorganic and organic (pattern from my kitchen chairs and plants from my front yard), bottom left is organic (plants in my back yard), and right is inorganic (wooden planks and my fan). This project started with us taking about 50 images of organic and inorganic objects with interesting textures. We cropped them, traced over them, inked them, made copies of swatches and began playing with different combinations. In the end we had to have one organic, one inorganic, and one combo.

When it came time to turn everything in, here is how I displayed everything on the wall to be graded.

Finals Projects