The Family is All Together

My grandpa's new apartment

When my grandmother passed away three years ago my grandpa said and I quote, “The only way I am leaving this house is on a stretcher.” I am happy to report this never came true. Instead he left the house willingly with my sister and I, and this past weekend we moved him into an assisted living community closer to family. I can’t even begin express how much relief our entire family feels!

Since my grandpa began receiving in-home care, it has been a nightmare. We’ve dealt with theft, neglect, and manipulation all over the course of three different caregiving agencies. We could write a book on the amount of shenanigans we’ve experienced. All I can say is thank goodness my mother is in charge of everything otherwise it could have been a lot worse!

After starting on our third caregiving agency at the beginning of the year, the plan was for it to be temporary until we could get him moved. Originally we were going to move him on Thanksgiving, but we were forced to speed things up when he went into the hospital in July for a UTI and other issues.

On Friday my sister and I headed down for our last visit with our grandpa in his home. The next day we took him to breakfast while Joshua and my dad moved out some of his furniture. We all met at the assisted living community for lunch, and once lunch was over we took him to his apartment.

He walked right in, sat down in his chair and asked who lived there. The truth came out and we told him that this is his home now. He accepted it and that was that. It could have gone really bad (we’ve seen him freak out before), but he was surprisingly cool about everything. We had a talk with him about why it’s not safe for him to be in his home and that by being here not only would he get the care he deserves but he’ll get to see family a LOT more.

Since he’s moved in we’ve visited him everyday. He’s been in a good mood, and I think it’s just going to get better. It’s a big adjustment for everyone, but the important thing is we’re all here as a family getting through it together.