Easter 2009

2009 Easter Haul

Happy Easter, everyone! Sorry my greeting is so late, but it has been a rather busy day. Started out with me being woken up at 6am by both the cats and my bladder. Tried to go back to sleep for the next 2 hours, but gave up a little after 8am. Soon my mom and sis were up so we got ready, and walked down the street to the local Catholic church for 10am mass.

Mass was crazy. The church is a small one with a balcony upstairs and it was so crowded that we to stand in the balcony. I was against the back wall so I was unable to view anything that was going on other than the people standing in front of me. We went downstairs, had our communion and took off. Felt like we just went through the motions of it all. After church we walked back to my house, got in my car, and I treated them for Easter cupcakes from Teacake Bake Shop.

Teacake Bake Shop

Came back home where mom and Dani packed their stuff up and well headed over to my grandparents house. We met up with my dad there and we basically hung out till ‘dinner’ was served around 3pm. I spent my free-time reading Watchmen on the balcony, in which I got a nasty sunburn on my left arm. About 5pm my dad and sis were getting ready to take off so I decided head out to enjoy the house to myself before Joshua got home.

Here’s my “Easter Basket” from the “Easter Bunny” AKA my mom. 😆


I’ve been entertaining my mom and sis since Thursday night. My sis had to go back tonight with my dad since they both have school tomorrow, but my mom is staying with my grandparents most likely through Tuesday. I’m on Spring Break this week (FINALLY!!) so I plan going up sometime this week to get my hair done and help my mom continue clearing Nana’s house. After that I only have 4 weeks of school left! Yahooey!

I have to admit, it didn’t feel like Easter at all without my Nana being present. For our family, Easter has kinda been her holiday because she would host it for the most part. It was strange this year. I’ve decided once I move into her house I am going to carry on the tradition, and hopefully can work towards bringing the family closer together.