Digital Identity Design

This class took us through the whole process of coming up with a new identity for a client. Everything from logo development to business package design to web site creation was covered. In fact it was quite handy to have this class right alongside Portfolio I since I was basically doing the same things in both classes.

We chose a business whose identity we wanted to redesign and spent the entire quarter working with it. I chose SmashBurger because if you’ve seen GameStop’s logo, you’ll notice they look exactly alike!

GameStop Sign Totally Looks Like SmashBurger Sign

I felt SmashBurger needed the redesign because GameStop was established first. Plus after doing a lot of research on their competitors it seemed like SmashBurger was going through a bit of an identity crisis.

The first five weeks were spent researching, typeface experiments, and logo revisions. By midterms we had to have our logo completed as well as a business package. The weeks leading up to finals were spent refining/pushing our logo and designing our company’s web site. In addition to all of that we had to put together a design standards manual.


I had to do SO much work, and it’s safe to say it was probably by far my most intense work load yet. However it was good because I really got to see just how much work goes into creating a brand.