Creative Writing

creative writing

creative writing portfolio Part of my program required me to take an upper division humanities course, so I thought I would take something fun, like Creative Writing. Now I know for some people, writing isn’t fun, but back in high school when times were tough writing was my escape. I had a few stories I hadn’t touched since then, so I looked at this class as a way to improve my writing skills. I was also hoping to find the motivation to get back into writing, which I did.

For this class, we had to keep a journal for the whole quarter. I set mine up on one of my favorite blogging platforms, LiveJournal, as The Creative Geek. Every week we had to read a chapter from our book, Imaginative Writing: The Element of Craft, and respond to two gray box prompts as well as any reading.

In addition to that we would take any piece of writing we had, whether it was a revision of an in-class assignment, one of our own pieces, or a gray box prompt and expand it into two pages that would be read aloud the following week during class. Participating in our writing workshop every week really helped me grow as a writer and connect with other writers as well.

At the end of the quarter we had the option of putting together a writer’s portfolio, consisting of our best work for extra credit. We also had to recite a memorized poem.

I had a lot of fun in this class. Once I graduate I’m looking forward to have some time writing again.