What Bothers Me About Memorial Day

Memorial Day

I’m at the point where I’m starting to dread going on social media on Memorial Day. Why?

Every Memorial Day I always see the same passive-aggressive memes. You know, the ones that remind you that today is not “National BBQ Day” or a day just for getting drunk. I’m sure you’ve seen them too.

What’s sad is every year I am seeing more memes like the ones above instead of ones of just plain ol’ honor and remembrance of the holiday. It’s almost like being passive-aggressive is more important than honoring the holiday. Maybe we need a meme to remind people that it’s Memorial Day, not “be passive-aggressive about BBQing and drinking day.”

I have to ask, are there people out there that truly think Memorial Day is just another day to BBQ and get drunk? As in, they truly don’t respect the holiday at all? Seriously, do you really know people like this? Or are we making assumptions?

Just because people are out enjoying their 3-day weekend by BBQing or drinking doesn’t mean that’s all they think this holiday is about. And considering Memorial Day is to honor the fallen, perhaps the BBQing and the drinking are in celebration and honor. Something to consider.

In the end, how are these memes helping anybody? Oh wait, they aren’t. They’re just making you look rude and condescending.

Not National BBQ Day #condescendingwonka

In case you were wondering, National BBQ Day is May 16th.


Man, why do people have to be so snarky and rude on a day like this? Sure, some public holidays are there to respect people, but it doesn’t mean that having a celebration is ignorant behaviour!

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