Birthday Weekend Part 1

2009 Family Birthday Party

Over the weekend Joshua and I ventured to our hometown to celebrate his 22nd birthday. We got up to my parents house Saturday afternoon, and then all of us (yes, even my parents and sis) came over to Joshua’s parents house for his birthday shindigs. We had a yummy dinner of steak, baked potatoes (with all the fixings), homemade rolls, and Caesar salad followed by chocolate cake for dessert.

Birthday Shindig Fun

Every time I get a chance to spend time with Joshua’s family, I can’t help but think how much I am looking forward to marrying into that family in the future. His family is HUGE and yet no drama. From day one they’ve made me feel like a member of their family. They are the most positive and genuine people I know. They’re the kind of Christians you want to be because you know it’s real, not for show. Plus my folks hit it off great with them!

Super Bowl Sunday we went to church with Joshua’s family and then over to the grocery store to pick up junk food for the game. Came back to his house and snacked on chips, dips, soda, and sub sandwiches. While everyone else watched the pre-game stuff, I curled up reading the IKEA catalog, hehe.

Around 3pm, Joshua began our journey back to the bay. We stopped in Folsom’s PetSmart so I could get a cleaning kit for Merlin’s tank and stopped at Sacramento IKEA; I figured it wouldn’t be busy because of it being Super Bowl Sunday and all. I was right because we walked through that store in no time! We stopped by simply so I could get some ideas for when we move this summer. We decided on a new bed frame, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, and some bookcases. I can’t wait!

We arrived home around 6pm and I spent the remainder of the evening working on calculus homework. Today begins another busy week at school which will end in celebrating my birthday back in my hometown again!