Another Wedding and Tucker Update

Bobby and Amber's Wedding

Since I last blogged, which was quite some time ago, I’ve been a busy little bee. I came back from vacation and immediately went back to school. That week I had Bobby & Amber’s wedding to keep me busy. Even after their honeymoon and before their move kept me occupied. Here’s a little video I created for the couple since they didn’t have a videographer…

Now that their wedding is done, I have school AND my wedding to focus on. I can’t believe in just under 3 months I’m getting married. My next big task is working on invitations, which I’m designing.

In puppy news, Tucker is doing great. He’s still shy, but has opened up so much since we got him. He’s been going to puppy training at PetSmart, which is giving him a chance to socialize with other dogs.


He’s proven to be a very good guard dog, being alert when people walk by the house. Him and the cats are getting better day-by-day, but Tucker still whines when the cats refuse to play with him. It’s cute.

Other than that not much to update on. Just dealing with school and trying to get wedding stuff done here and there. I’ve got some cool plans for the wedding that I can’t wait to share! Hehe surprises!