Advanced Image Manipulation

Advanced Image Manipulation Final

Advanced Image Manipulation was basically Photoshop part II and it picked up where my Digital Imaging teacher from Folsom Lake College left off.

For our mid-term we were to do an advertisement. We either had to recreate one or make one that would go with a series. I chose to do one in a series for On The Job Hand Lotion.

Advanced Image Manipulation Mid-Term
(original ad)

Originally I was going to take some vintage Mac ads and redo them with a modern touch and latest gadgets, but it proved to be too easy. On The Job’s Hand Lotion series was quite a challenge, between finding the right image and doing all the manipulation of the texture into the hand and arm.

For our final, we had to create an Illustrative Photorealistic Composite and paint over our composite using a style in the spirit of Tim Bradstreet.

Advanced Image Manipulation Final

We had to choose a theme, and my theme was mental health aka the consequences of drug addiction.