A Halloween Funeral

My Nana is buried right above him in the same grave.

Well, Happy Halloween. It has definitely been an awkward one. Today was my Nana’s funeral.

First there was a service at her Catholic church, in which there was an open casket viewing. It was perfect – she looked just like I always had pictured her in my mind. It was very emotional for me, so luckily I was able to meet some of her friends and family to distract me. The service was beautiful and we had a great turn-out; you could tell my Nana was very loved.

The family rode to the mortuary in white stretch limo with motorcyclist cops to lead the procession. It was really cool to see the cops drive by us to hold up cars so we could pass, but everytime I tried to look ahead, all I could see was the hearse with my Nana inside. She was buried in the same grave as her husband, and afterwards we all went back to her house for refreshments.

Later in the afternoon I headed back to the Bay with my grandparents and Joshua. We spent the evening at home handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. I wish we could have had somewhere to party, but it kinda worked out with us staying in. Hope everyone had a good one!