Front of The Duplex with new bark

On Sunday Joshua and I dove straight into fixing up our front yard. We finished moving the rock to the back and then went to Home Depot where we bought 30 bags of bark. Most of it we were able to fit in my tiny car! We went back to get 10 more bags just before they closed thus leaving a small area still needing to be filled. This morning I went back to Home Depot where I took the last of the bark (13 bags) and 25 pretty stepping stones.

Left side of the front yard

Going around the corner...

Front of the house

Front angle of the house

Right side of the yard

I managed to finish all of this around 1:30pm or so. Just when I was getting ready to hop into the shower and continue my other household things (laundry, vacuuming, etc.) I got stung by a bee. So now I canโ€™t do anything that requires me being on my feet. Normally Iโ€™d be joyous, but the fact I have things to do and Iโ€™m not making money really sucks.

At least you can see what Joshua and I accomplished with our yard.