Working With What I’ve Got

Thanks to the Roxy Room and Bath Decor collection, I have finally decided on a color scheme for my bathroom. As my readers know, the tiles in my bathroom have been a nightmare to deal with, but after much toil, I’ve decided to work with it.

Roxy Flirt Bathroom Collection #bathroom #homedecor #roxy

Ideally, I want to rip everything out and completely remodel, but money and grandparents won’t allow me to do that. I’m working with the pink tiles and going with a pink, white, and brown color scheme.

I got the Roxy wastebasket and kleenex cover, a pink tub mat, and brown floor mats + toiler cover and now my bathroom looks amazing. Once Joshua puts the shelving up it will be complete. To top it off, I found this grout marker so I’m using it to go over all the old grout making it look like brand new. I’m quite happy that I can decorate off a brand that at one time was my absolute favorite. The bedding they have ain’t too bad either.