Which Room Shall Go Green?

Green Hallway

As I said previously, I want to incorporate green somewhere in my house. After doing some searching on Flickr I’m trying to decide if I want green in the hallway or the office room.

The Hallway


the long hallway

I figured the green would look good in the hallway since all the doors are all wood. It would give it a nice modern and clean touch.

The Office Room

And then I found this picture that is doing green in the office room:

Modern Home Office


Back when I worked at Old Navy I helped my boss paint the manager’s office a very similar green (it was called Happy Camper), and I guess she read somewhere that green promotes productivity. Plus, I figured the green would look sharp with the black GALANT desks we plan to get.

The Kitchen

Oh and then surprise surprise! Today on Apartment Therapy I see this picture:

apartment therapy


Not only does it feature the kitchen table I plan on getting, but as you can see, I have the same paneling on the walls that they do. Mine is wood but my mom and I were talking about painting it white anyway.

So, three areas with potential to go green and I don’t know what to choose. *shrugs* What do you think?