Weekend Findings

homemade dressings

Saturday I did a wide variety of shopping. I went to the mall to use the pile of birthday coupons from various retailers that I acquired this month, and I went grocery shopping in which I bought a case of canning jars in addition to actual groceries.

What did I do with the canning jars? I used a couple to store some dressings I made thanks to my handy friend called Pinterest. Oh, and I dressed them up with some Martha Stewart kitchen labels.

Homemade Dressings

The cilantro dressing tastes just like the kind I get at El Pollo Loco, which is great considering I am addicted to it (I always ask for extra dressing when I order there). With the ranch dressing recipe I added a bit of ranch seasoning to boost the flavor. Totally worked because both the ranch and the cilantro dressings turned out DELICIOUS!

I finally used my pretty coupon from Anthropologie and bought a couple fun things for the house.

Got an egg thingie from Anthropologie this weekend using my birthday coupon.

Soap and hand lotion from Anthropologie. Smells soooo good!

Got an “egg thingie” as I like to call it, and I got a set of hand soap/hand lotion for the guest bath. The soap and lotion smells SO GOOD!

Managed to clean off my dining room table (it had a lot of junk on it) and made room for my pretty new table runner from Etsy.

Dining Room Table

I also pulled off a quick centerpiece using a spare Mason jar, white stones, and a faux flower. The stones and flower were from one of my wedding centerpieces (blue and white stones mixed), so I picked out the white ones and put them in a Mason jar along with the flower.

Hope everyone else had a fun, long weekend!