Cure Diaries: Weekend Findings and Planning

Entertainment/Media/Bonus Room

Day 2 – Style Treasure Hunt

My day 2 and over-the-weekend chores for the Cure were to go on a style treasure hunt and share my findings. I put together all of my findings on a Pinterest Board.

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Most of my findings were from Home Goods since my Saturdays consist of me going to my 10am Weight Watchers meeting, and then I walk over to Home Goods to browse for a little while. I also went to JC Penney to check out Jonathan Adler’s Happy Chic collection.

Day 3 – Choose Your Room & Take “Before” Photos

From the very beginning I kept thinking about which room I wanted to tackle this month, and our entertainment room kept sticking out in the back of my mind. When we first moved in it became the room where all our stuff went as we tackled the other rooms. Gradually it became Joshua’s office, a room for the cats, and a dumping ground for anything that didn’t have a home.

For the most part we’ve kept it a bit empty and haven’t done much to it since this is the room we have our LAN parties in. Given that we only have two LAN parties a year it doesn’t make sense to not use this room the other 363 days of the year.

The first two pictures are of when we first moved in.

Entertainment Room

Entertainment Room

The pictures below were taken a couple months later, and sadly the room has not changed much since then.

The Entertainment Room

The Entertainment Room

Day 4 – Set Up a One-Room Outbox

My Outbox hasn’t changed since I did this in January, and luckily it straddles the room I am clearing this month.

Day 2 Assignment for Apartment Therapy's January Cure

Day 5 – Make a Floor Plan

Today I hopped on Autodesk Homestyler and made a floor plan of the empty entertainment room; eventually I’ll work on adding in the rest of the house, but for now I just did the entertainment room.

Floorplan for the Entertainment Room

This was my first time playing around with a fancy online tool. Normally I sketch this kind of thing on a piece of paper, if I am even lucky to get that organized. The Autodesk Homestyler gives you both a 2D and 3D option which I think will come in handy once I really get going with planning out this space.