We Ordered the Dryer

Electrolux Washer & Dryer

Our tax return showed up in the bank account this week, so last night Joshua and I went to Lowe’s and ordered our dryer!

Electrolux Washer & Dryer

It’s a white Electrolux electric dryer. We went electric instead of gas because for one, it’s cheaper, and two when we move in the future we know our dryer will be able to still hook up our dryer! They didn’t have the white one in stock at the store, so they had to snag it from another one. It’s suppose to be here a week from today, if not sooner!

Why did we go with Electrolux? The first thing that sold me was the size. I wanted to go as big as possible, because I want something big enough to dry my bedding. It’s an 8 cu. ft. dryer which is the biggest dryer you can get. A few Kenmores and LGs came in 8 cu. ft. but they were really expensive! We wanted to keep the cost under a thousand bucks, and we were able to do that with the Electrolux. Seriously, we got one hell of a deal on it. We were able to get the 3 year extended warranty, power cord, extra ducting, installation, and the dryer itself all for under $1000.

The dryer had overall great reviews from the various places I looked. Consumer Reports said the noise level was “fair” which I really don’t care about because hello, it’s a friggin dryer! They’re gonna make noise! Other than that, people seem to love the dryer, plus I’ve heard Electrolux is a top-notch brand. I can’t wait till it shows up!

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Ah, Cristina – Your excitement about a household appliance erases any doubt that you have crossed over from ‘carefree young adult’ to ‘happily married’ ;0)

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