The Last Room

Painting the Entertainment Room

Tonight when I got home from work, I found Joshua in the entertainment room beginning the last of the painting.

Paint the Entertainment Room

I’m glad we’re finally tackling the painting because the entertainment room has been a mess of our stuff ever since we moved in.

The Entertainment Room

The Entertainment Room

Josh has somewhat of an office space, but it’s surrounded by items brought in from the garage that don’t have a home yet. Hopefully I can this room organized by the end of the week.

Once this room is painted, we’re done with painting the interior. It’ll be nice to call the inside done. Then I can focus on decorating and organizing. I’ve got a lot of projects planned.

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I never noticed the vaulted ceilings before and if I did, I didn’t remember. They are so nice. It makes you think you have so much more space. I think it’s a great idea to have your offices in there.

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