The Dryer is Here!

Our new dryer

Yay! After patiently waiting all week, it’s finally here!

Here was our old set-up:
The Washer and Dryer

We bid the vintage green dryer adieu and hello to our new one!

My New Dryer

I switched the spots because of the way the washing machine opens. Now I can rest clothes on top of the dryer before tossing them in the wash. It makes everything a lot easier.

One thing I’m loving about the new dryer is that even though it’s timed it will stop if it senses the laundry is dry. I love that! It also comes with a little rack inside to put shoes or hats on so it doesn’t tumble.

I’ve got my comforter in the dryer as we speak, which fits perfectly in there with plenty of room to spare, so we’ll see how dry it gets after having it on the “bulky/bedding” cycle.