The Bathroom is Getting an Upgrade

Ensuite Shower Room

Ever since we moved into my late grandma’s house, we’ve had a serious mold and rust problem in the master bathroom.

Shower Mold and Rust

Shower Mold and Rust

That’s why until now I’ve never taken pictures of the shower. Within the last few months the mold has gotten out of control. I tried everything to get rid of it, and I mean EVERYTHING! Joshua will testify seeing me on all fours scrubbing with hot water and bleach.

I’ve tried sprays, AJAX, natural home remedies, everything in the book and nothing has made a dent. Actually the only thing that made a slight difference was using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, but the results didn’t last long. It’s like the mold is embedded in the caulk.

Seeing as we’re now paying rent, we had no problem bringing it to our landlords’ attention, especially since the paneling in the shower is buckling (it’s not real tile). We had a guy come out to assess the situation last weekend, and last night my uncle said it looks like we’ll be getting a whole new shower unit along with new flooring. We might even get a new toilet so the old one can replace the one that sucks in the guest bathroom. YAY!