Still Have Stuff

Garage Sale

This past weekend was absolutely crazy! Both Saturday and Sunday we had our yard/garage sale. While we still have a bit of stuff left, we did make quite a dent in things. We had several big furniture pieces which included this big oak roll-top desk, a floral print sofa, our old IKEA bed, our IKEA LACK TV table, and this huge oak mirror/drawer for the entryway that we managed to get sold.

We still have some coffee tables, an old radio cabinet console, a stand-up freezer, a rocking chair, and a few other things that need to be sold, but the rest we’re going to have Salvation Army pick up some time this week. I’m hoping within the next week or two we can finally move the rest of our stuff up and be done with Marin once and for all!

This week is going to continue to be busy since I have to get the guest bathroom painted, work on other things around the house, go to orientation at Sac State on Wednesday, work on my web projects, and possibly go to the county fair. I’m not sure if I will be going to the bay for Father’s Day like I normally do since my grandma is not feeling well at all. We shall see!