Spring Cleaning and Then Some

Packed up the real stuff today.

Spring is finally here and for a lot of people it brings on Spring Cleaning. My definition of Spring Cleaning this year has been packing everything up that I don’t need to use between now and the time I move.

I started by packing up all my books, movies, and music, and eventually it led to the entire living room being packed up. I’ve worked my way around the entire house and have packed up a fair amount of stuff.

I’ve been able to take inventory on all the hand-me-down junk I’ve accumulated over the last two years, and luckily I’ll be able to get rid of some stuff. During my Spring Break my family and I are having a yard sale to get rid of the bulk of my Nana’s stuff so come May the house is move-in ready.

Today I did major cleaning and going through stuff in the kitchen. We decided to pack away our utensils, plates, and cups in exchange for using disposable ones. Because there is three of us and no dishwasher, it’s just a lot easier for us overall, especially since Becca might be moving out by the end of next month and we’re less than two months away from moving.

I know this is probably very un-eco-friendly of me, but at this point I really don’t care. I’m trying to eliminate stress in my house (Lord knows there is a LOT of it here) and if that means being able to just throw my plate away after eating, then so be it!

Can you tell I am DYING to move out? Well, I am. Almost every day you’ll hear Joshua and I mention something about why we’re stoked to move out.