So much to do with so little time!

The duplex in Larkspur, California

PG&E came over to our house Saturday afternoon and after much poking around with a noisy yellow stick instrument, he discovered our gas leak was thanks to… our dryer.

The good news is, all he had to do was disconnect our dryer and the gas leak went away. The bad news is we have to get a new dryer thus adding an unexpected expense for my grandparents. My grandparents, in addition to giving us free rent, have pretty much been paying for all the home maintenance and replacements of major appliances, because they write it off as tax deductible. While most of you are like, “DUDE THAT’S GREAT!” I look at this having to replace the dryer as something that might take away from a much more needed expense, such as replacing the floor or redoing the tiling in the kitchen & bathroom. Not to mention my grandpa wants to get a new dryer AND washer. I just hope I can be pleasantly surprised.

Here is a list of things we have going on:
In the bedroom, we need

  • Carpet, both the room and walk-in closet
  • Paint on the walls
  • A bed

In the bathroom,

  • All the tiling needs to be taken out, including the floor
  • Floor needs to be replaced with linoleum
  • Shower area needs new set of tiling
  • Fresh coat of paint
  • New sink + faucet
  • Separate ceiling light from fan and get a quieter fan

In the kitchen,

  • Tiling needs to be taken out
  • Counter top needs to be replaced (it sinks down into the sink itself!)
  • New sink that is deeper and has two separate sides
  • Install garbage disposal
  • Install Dishwasher (yup, I don’t have one!)
  • New cabinet doors
  • Fresh coat of paint
  • Vent system for the over/stove
  • New floor

In the living room,

  • New paint all around
  • Screen for fireplace
  • Doorbell
  • Install ceiling light

I’m sure there’s a lot more that I couldn’t think of, but that list is just to give you an idea of what I have to do. See, my grandparents are not big on home improvement until it becomes a serious issue. Since they’ve had sloppy tenants for 10+ years, they never felt the need to make that much effort with fixing this place up. Needless to say almost everything that needs to be done is considered a hazard at this point. I only hope I can get the major stuff done by the end of the month!