Security Door

The duplex in Larkspur, California

In house news, I feel like all I ever say is, “All we have to do is this and then we’ll be done!” Just when I say that we’ll find something that needs to be done and either smack down on it or pretend it doesn’t exist. Like covering the gaps between flooring and the doorways. That is something I am gonna smack down on when I make my trip to Home Depot tonight.

White Security Door

My dad is going to get us a security door for a housewarming type gift. He wanted to get me a BBQ or a deep freezer, but I preferred having the steel door first so that way my meat and meat-cooking could be protected. In addition to getting the steel door we’re replacing all the door handles and taking the ones with locks to a locksmith so that all locks can be opened by the same key. I’ll feel a million times safer once that’s done because the last thing I want is Crazy Lady trying to break in.

Well I think that’s about it for now.