Searching for a New Desk Lamp

Searching for a New Desk Lamp #thelovelygeek

A couple weeks ago the Roomba ran over some cords in the guest room causing my little lamp on the nightstand to shatter. I decided to replace it with the owl lamp from my office seeing since the light is a lot softer, much better suited for a bedroom than desk.

My desk is now a little lonely for some light…

Current Office Setup

Well, the beauty of this is that it happens to be my birthday month (Saturday), so Iโ€™ve been getting quite a few birthday coupons for my favorite retailers. There are a couple different ones I’ve had my eye on…

Potential Desk Lamps #thelovelygeek

I really like the Mid-Century one from West Elm except I am not a fan of the gold trimmings. I’m curious to see how the first one turns on and how much light it puts out. I like the last one from IKEA, but I wonder if it would conflict with the two lamps I have on the other side of the room I got from Target.

I think with all of these I need to see them in person. Guess I need to make a shopping trip!