Redoing the Duplex: The Living Room

Turquoise Living Room with Striped Sofa

Just something fun to think about!

This was how the living room looked while we lived there…

Living Room with New Rug

This is how it looks after the new tenants took over…

Duplex Living Room

And this is what it could be, hah!

Turquoise Living Room with Striped Sofa
Photo from HGTV


Ah well, one can dream!


Interesting… I want to like that new fireplace but I find myself wishing they would have just painted the bricks white to match the built-ins.

I also REALLY like the aqua wall color of your first “could be” photo.

I totally agree with you. This one of the many things the tenants did without permission and was unnecessary. The only good that came of it was it hid the imperfections where the floor met the fireplace. I too would have preferred to have the brick painted white. I wish I did that when I was living there.

Ah. I think it’s the black border, specifically. The large gray tiles don’t even bother me that much – in fact, they could look almost elegant – but the black border reminds me of bad bathroom tile and I think that’s what does it. Maybe if the grout on the black tile were dark, and not white? I don’t know.

Funny you should say that Meggan–the guy who did it does bathroom tile for a living! Hahaha

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