Playing Catch-Up

The past week turned out a lot differently then planned. I only got halfway through my planned meals, I missed my second Weight Watchers meeting of the year, and my Day 7 + Weekend Chores got pushed to the back burner all because of a family emergency.

Wednesday I was forced to make an unexpected trip to the Bay Area to look after my 94 year-old grandpa while my mom arranged for a new caregiving agency. Everything is okay now and I did manage to have a little fun in San Francisco on Saturday, but now I have a little bit of catching-up to do.

Day 7’s assignment was to plan a get-together at the end of the month. Well, if it were any other month I wouldn’t have a problem with this; however Joshua’s family does monthly birthday celebrations in which we have a big get-together to celebrate any family members that have a birthday that month. With Joshua’s birthday being on the 30th and mine on the 7th of February, it’s safe to say that weekend will be reserved for a celebration already.

Not only that, but next weekend I’ll be having my family over for a movie and dinner night to celebrate my mom’s birthday. I guess you could say the celebrations this month are covered.

Then I had my weekend chores. Since I didn’t get home till Saturday night, laundry and finishing up some work were on the priority list; however I did get one item accomplished that is January Cure related:

Framed My Wedding Photos

I got my one piece of artwork printed, framed, and hung! Hooray!

Today’s task was to create a landing strip.

Day 9: Create a Landing Strip and Start Using it

It’s not much, but it is a start. I plan on getting designated trays for incoming/outgoing mail. First step is getting in the habit of putting our mail there rather than on the dining room table. Second step will be getting the trays.