Our Bedding Over the Years


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  1. Steph says:

    Looks great Cristina! I used to have the same problem with my acne meds so I just kept the same ugly old comforter for 8+ years. Now I switched to harsher meds that don’t bleach, so I finally got a new comforter set. My doctor always suggested putting the cream on an hour before bedtime to let it fully soak in and then washing hands with soap & water, but I don’t want to take my chances. Let me know if you ever find a cure for this bleaching problem!

  2. Travis S says:

    Two words: Matteo linen. Still broke from them ( ok not really) but they are deff splurge and so worth it! Also both target and West Elm ( one of my fave stores) have great organic sheets, which wash and wear fantastically. I would say I prefer the Tar-jay variety; however I do love West Elms rich colors. But the tie it all together the Matteo duvet is a little slice of a-dollar- a- day heaven!

  3. Laverne Ludvik says:

    i love your blog.